Questions to ask before hiring a Court Reporter

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Court Reporter

What Steps Do You Take to Preserve Client Confidentiality and Protect Consumer Privacy?

M&M Court Reporters, Inc., is sensitive to the need to maintain confidentiality. As court reporters, we are routinely in a position where we are reporting sensitive and confidential information, including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and protected health information. We want to assure our clients that our court reporting professionals maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and will not divulge or discuss any information obtained during the course of a deposition. Many of the transcripts we prepare contain Personal Health Information (PHI), as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our professional court reporters fully comply with the safeguards established under HIPAA regarding the dissemination of transcripts containing PHI.

Does the Court Reporting Agency Verify the Validity of a CSR License?

Every court reporter with M & M Court Reporters, Inc., is a validly licensed court reporter. Merely having a CSR license is insufficient; it is possible that an individual’s license has expired or the reporter may have a disciplinary action pending that could preclude their eligibility to work as a court reporter. Before hiring a court reporter, M & M Court Reporters, Inc., verifies that the reporter’s license is valid and in good standing. We work only with experienced court reporters with a valid CSR license. If you wish to independently verify the status of a court reporter’s license, visit the State of California Consumer Affairs Department website.

Does the Court Reporter List Their License Number on All Professional Documentation?

According to California Code of Regulations Section 2406, Certified Shorthand Reporters are required to include their license number on the cover and certificate page of every deposition, court transcript, or transcript of other legal proceedings. The license number is also required on all presentations to the public, including advertisements, solicitations, business cards, stationery,  website and telephone listings. M & M’s court reporters fully comply with all legal and ethical requirements of the court reporting profession.